Monday, 9 April 2012

Two chicks and their Maths homework (Part 1)

I can't believe it took me a while to post this actually, then again this blog wasn't even alive so yeah.

I had a liberating experience a few days ago, I really want to post this since the feeling was so surreal to an extent where I felt like I was the boss of those moments. Call it what you wish but I like calling it "one of life's lessons". I am not making this stuff up guys, it really happened, but I won't judge if you think otherwise (I guess).

In keeping with my hope of telling stories as quick and as detailed as I can, they will be now in the form of 'one-liners'.

It has something to do with women and basketball, mostly the women I can assure you that much.

>be saturday
>was blogging and gaming all the night before
>woke up and ate, did chores and blogged again
>bored after a while
>decided to go basketball court
>not before bringing 2 peanut butter sandwiches
>you never know when you might get hungry

So off I went... But something was 'off' in my gut, like I could feel something was coming but had no idea as to what. As if I had to leave the house since I really wasn't comfortable at all that day.

"I really wasn't comfortable at all that day"
>get there, mates playing already
>see regulars, some new faces, nothing special
>played but the feeling came back
>made me lose control of my hands, lost game
>bored, did sit ups for a while

Then in the distance, two girls who looked like seniors both with blue spaghetti strap tops, short shorts, pink hula skirts and oversized sunglasses while bringing a notebook and measuring tape.

They looked like they just came from a party. Anyway, they finally stepped up to the court and started measuring the perimeter muttering numbers as they went. No one really payed much attention to them probably except for me. Being the curious fuck that I am (besides being 17 and no GF since 14), I didn't really think much of how hot they were, just what the hell they were doing.

My mentality was totally different that time, nothing about picking up chicks, just nothing...

I will continue this tomorrow, don't want you guys to get bored. Just an experience of mine that relates to this blog.

Stay tuned!


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