Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Two chicks and their Maths homework (Part 2)

Yup, a continuation of the previous story. Let's get to it!

One was brunette and around 5'2" and the other a blonde around 5'6" (i'm 5'5"), and they were walking up to my side. "Oh shit" went the little voice in my head but my mind was like "WTF are they doing? I'm going to ask them." In which I did, still sitting down. Blondie said they were measuring public spaces for their maths homework. Brunette reciprocated with showing me the notebook, full of numbers.

My face when looking at the book

>I replied, "what dressed up as fairies?"
>get mocked playfully by them, explain to me their attire
>call them out on their "peacocking attire"
>banter ensues, I always get the upper hand
>mfw I realise I'm using conventional PUA shit on these chicks without knowing
>still on the floor, get up and ask to look at the book
>explain how they could get more measurements
>they want to measure me instead, i like where this is going
>playfully measures random shit; me, my mates, basketball hoop to ground, etc
>i still talk to them like they were old friends
>ask for their names
>Amy=brunette while Bethany=blonde
>one of my mates look at us, i realise but don't look back
>banter again, now they want my name

As of then, Bethany calls me her "new best friend", I give her a hug for that where Amy says "I thought I was your best friend?" playfully. This went on for around 10 minutes until I was saved by the next game. I told them that "I'll tell you my name, later" in a way that I felt like I was going to tell them, but they'd really have to wait for it.

>went to play game
>few minutes passed, they're still here
>measuring other shit while cheering me on and calling me "E-dog"
>mfw the coincidence of saying the first letter to my name
>game finishes, they ask again, I tell them "later" then I play again
>they stayed for the whole 30 mins i was there, still cheering
>I call it quits since it's gone dark, no lights but others stay
>I walk towards water fountain, they follow
>ask for my name again, oh yeah i forgot
>tell them then we walk home together
>Amy says she "feels left out"
>I say "good, your're just a third wheel anyway"
>her face when hearing, but we played it off playfully so no harm done
>get told by both of them that i was the coolest guy they met in the whole suburb
>mfw hearing that from 2 hot chicks
>general chat with added PUA after that, now they want my facebook, which I don't have
>about to leave them now
>they sad, Bethany asks for one sandwich for remembrance of me
>i give them a "secret handshake", just so they know it's me

Never saw them again after that, and that was just 2 weeks ago. Want to see then again but I don't want to be the needy prick who can't get other girls so my mentality always shifts. *sigh* Just another one of "life's lessons" I guess.

Take anything from my experience if you wish, apply it in your own adventures if you have to. Hope you learned something too. What I learned from that experience? I HAD FUN WITH IT.

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