Saturday, 12 May 2012

Benefits of Volunteering Work

Volunteering for something can be one of the best life decisions you can make.

First off, I volunteer for a nursing home and it wasn't my idea at first, my mum dragged me into it. Although at the time I didn't have one job because my CV didn't show much experience on my part. Now I've grown to like it, the people you meet and the experiences that you make are just brilliant. I actually learnt more things about life from old people than my parents.

Boost your career options
Volunteering can beef up your CV and help you get a job, for it shows that you got some work experience and can work hard. 

Not only does volunteering make you more experienced at work, it teaches you to give rather than to receive. Sounds cliché but the feeling won't truly be appreciated unless you've done it before.

Learn and develop new skills
You can learn a few things too, things that you probably never bothered to know or look out for. Say for example; planning and implementing a major fundraising event can develop goal setting, planning and budgeting skills, supervising and training other volunteers helps to develop supervisory and training skills and so on...

Meeting a diverse range of people
This is muy importante in the characteristics of a Renaissance Man. Learning about other people, cultures, races and customs not only make you less biased about our physical differences as humans but it opens you up to a whole new world.

Socrates was once asked where he was from; "I am a citizen, not of Athens or Greece, but of the world". 

By seeing a bit of the diversity only makes you want more. 

Volunteer, it's good for you.


  1. I did volunteering at a nursing home too, but my expereinces maybe were not so good. I saw a lot of theiving by the staff. But most of them were good people considering your dealing with people with dementia which can be stressful. Your a good person for doing it. You never know you might get left a fortune in a will lol.

    1. Hahaha, although that wasn't my original intention you certainly gave me an idea. But I'm too, uh, nice, for that kind of thing from happening.

      Like you said, "you never know".