Sunday, 20 May 2012

Significance of Jump Rope Exercises

What exercise equipment costs less than $10, fits in the palm of your hand, can be used by ANYBODY, while improving your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone at the same time?

The Jump Rope

These kids are fitter than you

Normally used as a warm-up, jump rope exercises can be very beneficial if you're trying to lose weight as it is one of the most commonly done exercises out there. Not only does doing it tone your muscles but also makes them stronger. Like I said, it's really good if you're trying to lose weight and there's no need to go to a gym as you can get a jump rope basically anywhere (well, not ANYWHERE).

Be careful not to use it on carpet, grass or anywhere that's soft. Not only does that stop you from jumping properly, the rope can get caught and slow down as well, making you work harder than what is necessary.

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Muscle Tone (especially on the calves)
  3. Increased Cardiovascular Fitness


  1. Jump roping is great, I do it quite a bit, it really helps with cardio.

  2. I used to run while jumping rope
    did a mile in under 10 min while doing so
    good times

    oh yeah I'm undead by the way, by that I mean I died and may not necessarily still be dead now, new blog post for details

  3. YOur right about this, i had a jump rope and let it slide in to the cupboard under the stairs. Healthy body, healthy mind.