Thursday, 24 May 2012

Things You Should Know - Knowing Where You've Been

This post is for people who have been actively improving their lives so far, a bit of motivation you know? My reasoning? Only they will have the capability to understand. 

But you can read it too, granted that you're doing something with your life and constantly improving.

Have you been doing things that benefit you in your life at the moment? You know, things such as exercising, going out with mates, meeting girls and having fun? If you have then I *salute* you, if not then you got work to do.

We've all been there. You know what I mean, that "place" (or feeling) where there was absolute hopelessness. Where we didn't know what to do and wondered where it all went wrong and why nothing went as we imagined our life to be like. Then, something happened.

The pain threshold (I'll talk about this next time) was far too much. This time, you actually started to stop feeling sorry for yourself and genuinely did something to change your life for the better. As time went on, you gradually moved yourself away from that rut and kept going while making life your bitch. Times were changing.

Now you're better than you were those many moons ago yet there is still work to do, a lot more.

Reflecting or knowing where you've been and the difficulties that were had is a good thing to do. Many don't do this I feel and I think it's part of the whole process to improving oneself. Let me illustrate;
    1. Reflecting keeps you humble where you don't lose sight of why you're doing what you're doing in the first place. Many guys have strayed, don't let that be you.
    2. Secondly, it reminds you of others who chose not to change their life for the better. Harsh I know, but this isn't about them - it's about YOU.
    3. Lastly, it keeps you motivated. It's, in my opinion, the unintended (or intended?) product of the two previous points. Motivation itself isn't going to produce results but results produce the motivation.
    Take from this what you can, others won't understand but there are some that I know who will.


    1. Self actualisation is very useful. There is something called time line therapy, i took a course in it. Effectively it is just meditating on the things you wish to change. Nice post though, you should write a book on this stuff one day, if it helps you it culd help others.

      1. Self-actualisation yes, but you might be thinking about self-reflection which I discussed here. As for "Time Line Therapy", funny you should mention that actually. I studied NLP (at least some tid bits) two years ago and is actually pretty darn effective. Might make a post on NLP and the different "schools" that teach it, but the premise is pretty much the same I feel.

        The book may have to wait (maybe never), could make some money off of it but you never know.

      2. Why not make money? , lots people want to feel better about things, you could be the one to show them.

      3. Lol, i'll consider that, but my blog needs more content for me to REALLY consider and my brain isn't what you would call a 'miracle worker'.

        I just need to "experience life" a bit more I can generate some decent content.

    2. This is a great post. I like the 3 points, they really keep the focus to the post. I try to sit down and reflect/meditate every now and then, I find it to be a calming experience.

      1. That's brilliant buddy. We must do something with our life, and never be sedentary risk the loss of things that we never got to experience.

    3. life has been looking up lately, I have been getting in shape and getting my goals and dreams progressively accomplished, so I guess this is for me